Tuesday, March 7


President Bush, not one to have exercised his veto powers -- not even once -- during his two-term administration, and now feeling the heat from his conservative base for (among other things) failing to control the size of government and contain its free-wheeling spending through fiscal restraint, is asking for a "line item veto." This strikes me as a bit disingenuous. Bush '43, like his father, Bush '41, is a free spender and inveterate believer in all things government. Explain the spending appetite and woeful incompetence of the Department of Homeland Security in any other context. It's become a federal boondoggle of the first rank.

That's why I'm more encouraged to see this developing and I encourage you to read in its entirety the excellent post on the subject by Captain Ed of Captains Quarters.

FOLLOW-UP: More on this subject from John Hawkins of Right Wing News.