Friday, March 3


Frank Laughter of Common Sense Junction hits the nail on the head in this well-thought post: to wit, it's high time the Right gets out of denial.

Writes Frank:

Nearly every day, when the Left gets on the wrong side of an issue, the Right jumps with joy. But on those rare occasions when the Right gets it wrong, it’s always somebody else’s fault. They like to blame it on pollsters, the MSM, or the people themselves for not paying attention.

I’d like the Right to get out of denial.

The Bush administration is in trouble. George W. Bush's base is splintering. And that splintering did not just begin over the Dubai Ports World deal or no earlier than the Harriet Miers' brouhaha. But now the disenchantment in GOP ranks is at a boil and dangerously so because the root cause -- the contradiction in terms between the Bush-led GWOT versus his patent, long-term indifference to this nation's porous borders and unsecured ports -- has come front burner to burn him and undermine his second term.

The staples of the Bush presidency -- national security and the global war on terror -- are now seen through new optics given the immigration/border security fight in the U.S. Senate and the president's knee-jerk threat of a first ever veto were the Congress to try to thwart giving the keys to our ports to a UAE-owned ports' management company.

So I agree with Mr. Laughter's observation.

And, I am pleased to see that some conservative bloggers are publishing substantive, objective remedies to get the president out of the fix he's put himself in, rather than playing the "round up the usual suspects" game.

Kudos to Frank Laughter and to John Hawkins.