Thursday, March 9


The ad hominem attacks continue unabated, even as the DPW imbroglio reaches its political denouement -- blistering attacks against those of us who took issue with the UAE-owned Dubia Ports World deal from the onset and held our ground against those determined to back the Bush administration unhesitatingly, no matter how bungled the hush-hush, rubber-stamp deal was and strident the ooops-based, after-thought of a defense became.

American citizens overwhelmingly objected to the deal and they did so from a pragmatic, common sense point of view -- namely, why should we put our country's national security at risk by having companies owned by foreign governments managing key infrastructure here in the United States and particularly during a time of war? In doing so, everyday Americans wrestled a dysfunctional, polarized U.S. Congress to the ground and put a bullheaded president on notice. They're to be applauded, not characterized as blithering fools full of political naivete!

Not only did their thinking make sense, but it became even more compelling with the linkage in their minds of the Ports Deal to the long-standing porousness of America's land borders with Canada and Mexico, the latter being breeched in unprecedented numbers by a human invasion of border-jumping Mexican nationals and Other Than Mexicans (OTMs), many of the latter of whom have come to our country from "countries of interest."

After all, 12+ million illegal aliens afoot in our land is a statement in itself and one not about to be lost on American citizens. Indeed, it's a statement about an unconscionable absence of border security in a post-"9/11" age of international, Islamofascist terrorism; and, to be sure, it's a statement about how the federal government and our president have defiantly abandoned existing immigration laws, genuflecting instead to the "cheap labor" mantra of the Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and big money interests.

Americans get it and they are getting it more with each passing day.

Brand them zenophobes; brand them nativists; brand them racists; brand them "average Americans"; brand them dull-witted fools incapable of grasping the big picture (or the nuances) of international diplomacy; kick 'em and bash 'em and patronize them all you like, but understand this country is about "We the People" and not always about the legerdemain of Washington D.C.

Fact is, the American people hold veto power that transcends even Washington's machinations.

It's called the ballot box.

No weakness in Americans has been revealed in this exercise in which everyday citizens called Washington on the carpet and said: "Not on our watch!" Quite the contrary -- the pols were forced to do our bidding.

FOLLOW-UP: I heartily recommend this column by Joseph Farah, published in WorldNetDaily, which among other insights offers the following:

On this score, I agree with Robert Pfriender, the president of Alliance Development Corp., the company that offered the U.S. government a real, viable plan for port security – maybe the only real, viable plan for port security.

"Apparently, the collective wisdom of the American public is more accurate in its assessment that the country needs much better port security immediately and that it is absolutely absurd for the White House to provide an opportunity to any foreign-owned entity to participate in any capacity with the operation of a vital national security asset like our seaports," Pfriender observes.

If you believe this is an outrageous requirement, consider this: China doesn't permit any other country to operate its ports. Russia doesn't allow any other country to operate its ports. Saudi Arabia doesn't allow any other country to operate its ports. The United Arab Emirates, the country that owns Dubai Ports World, does not allow any other country to operate its ports. France does not allow any other country to operate its ports. Germany doesn't allow it.

In fact, Pfriender can't find any other significant country in the world that permits this.