Tuesday, March 7


Michelle Malkin here and Dan Stein here give credence to precisely what I wrote about here and here.

Michelle Malkin:

For those deluded enough to think that the Department of Homeland Security would be able to competently conduct the background checks and police abuse of this massive amnesty plan, I point you to yesterday's post.

The cluelessness of Beltway elite Republicans continues to amaze. If you thought the port deal was a P.R disaster, just wait.

Gold card. For crying out loud.

Dan Stein:

Jaws dropped as the administration reps explained the centerpiece of the program, a "Gold Card" that would enable illegal aliens to enter the U.S. at will, and work at any job with no labor market or other tests needed but would deny them citizenship. "Gold Cards" would be valid forever, similar to current "Green Cards" but illegal aliens holding a "Gold Card" would not be able to adjust their status through naturalization.

Yours truly:

Many think Iraq will be his (President Bush's) undoing. I'm far more inclined to think that his open borders and Guest Worker Program bents will break him. Indeed, his well-camouflaged, "Amnesty-Light" GWP proposal, as Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) fittingly characterizes it, may, in the final analysis, prove to be the petard upon which his presidency is hoisted. 12 - 20 million illegal aliens in this country underscore that in an age of global terrorism the president talks national security, but can't see fit to secure our borders. That contradiction in terms has been distilled down to its essence in the UAE-owned Dubai Ports World deal. For this president, the only "national security issues" are overseas, not here at home right under his nose. The bumbling, ineffectual Department of Homeland Security attests to this. It should have another Condi Rice type at its helm. Instead, it has Michael Chertoff.

That must have been some phone call between President Bush and Mexico's Vicente Fox here recently! I suspect Fox will insist that his handsome mug be on the new GOLD CARD. Bush will no doubt oblige him, as he always does. After all, they're Harvard compadres.

Question: where do I secure my GOLD CARD from the Mexican government so I am free to cross the border into Mexico and become gainfully employed in the industry of my choice. I'm thinking I'd like to be a senior executive with Pemex or perhaps Cemex.

POSTSCRIPT: I should add that I do not know Spanish, but I trust Mexico would do for me what we here in America do for at least 12 million illegal aliens -- namely, they're permitted to speak the language of their country of origin and even retain unwavering patriotic allegiance to it. So, I'll pass on assimilation; but, I most assuredly want to send a chunk of my salary and bonus money back to the States in the form of remittances. We'll discuss the other perks I'm expecting as a border-jumper once I arrive in Mexico City.

FOLLOW-UP (03/08/06): More from Michelle Malkin on this subject, including a link to her syndicated column, which is a "Must Read."