Wednesday, March 8


The Washington Times reports today that Emilio Gonzales, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, has done a convenient about face and is claiming now that his agency is fully prepared to implement a Guest Worker Program -- a project so dear to the President of the United States that he appears willing to kiss off a good-size chunk of his base and any vestiges of the Red State, conservative coalition that returned him to office in 2004.

Simply put, if Mr. Gonzales eventually ends up running a GWP, this writer and countless conservative Republicans alike will be seen running from the president.

The first priority must be border security -- plain and simple, and unencumbered by broad-based immigration reform.

Let's first get our house in order and stop the human invasion from the south.

FOLLOW-UP: Here's a related piece by Juann Mann from The Immigration Blog. And I'm not too impressed with Michael Chertoff and the DHS either!