Wednesday, February 8


El Presidente Vicente Fox of Mexico can howl and grind his teeth all he wants over the ruthless power that drug cartels wield in his country, but lacking major moves by him to end endemic corruption within his own government and Mexico's military, the cartels will hold sway and his country's border towns (e.g., Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, and Tijuana) will remain the personal fiefdoms of drug runners and human smugglers. Fact is, corruption is to Mexico what salt is to sea water.

Randall H. Nunn, writing for, makes the compelling point:

If Mexican President Vicente Fox had real courage, he might be able to defuse somewhat the tension caused by this immigration crisis by speaking honestly and frankly to his county. He might say something like the following:

"My fellow Mexicans, it is time to face the reality that illegal immigration from our country into the United States is creating friction between our two countries and, if something is not done to address this issue, the good relations between our countries and economic benefits we each bring to each other will be lost amid growing friction. Let us be honest. If we could improve economic opportunities for our citizens, rid our country of corruption and make our country a desirable place to live with economic and political opportunity for our people, there would be less interest in illegally crossing the border into the United States. Lawful immigration would be available but the massive illegal exodus of our citizens to the north would slow. I intend to give priority to developing Mexico's natural resources, combating corruption in government, destroying the power of the drug cartels and creating economic opportunity for all citizens in every way possible. We must make living in our country more desirable than leaving to illegally enter the United States.

Of course, this is probably just a dream, since President Fox is unlikely to do this, based on his actions and statements to date.

But border violence, a flourishing, illicit drug trade, illegal immigration, and incursions by the Mexican army into the United States are not the exclusive fault of the Fox regime by any measure of the situation. Complicit too have been the Clinton and Bush administrations and the two major political parties of the United States, courting as they do Latino voters and political contributions from business interests. Homeland Security is a misnomer in the context of porous borders, and George Bush knows that, as does Michael Chertoff. But they do precious little, making grandiose speeches, while belying their words in under-funding the U.S. Border Patrol. And, fact is, open borders' apologists and Hamlet-like fence-sitters abound in the U.S. Congress vis-a-vis border security. American business' appetite for so-called "cheap labor" (only "cheap" because of heavy taxpayer subsidization) and the enormous appetite for drugs by America's legions of addicts and (pardon the euphemism) "casual drug users" exacerbates the myriad problems emanating from our corrupt neighbor to the south.

All of which leads to what Sheriff Arvin West of Texas describes as a two-front war along the contiguous border with Mexico: Mexico's corruption and Washington's apathy.

West, sheriff of Hudspeth County, is considered a giant in his neck of the woods, and he'll need all his strength to battle the international incident that has landed at his front door.

"It's a two-way battle we're fighting between the drug wars, which includes Mexico's corruption," West said Saturday from the sheriff's office. "And we're also fighting the American government to get them to listen to us.

"I have yet to find in the federal government who swings the big stick," he said. "In Hudspeth County, if my deputies get out of line, the buck stops with me. Where does the buck stop in Washington?"

In the western border areas of El Paso and Hudspeth County, law-enforcement officials are making their last stand. They are in a fight to save their own communities and a nation from what they believe is a serious national-security risk at their southern border.

The upshot:

What used to be generations of American families living peacefully with their southern neighbors, mainly migrant farm workers crossing the desolate frontier, has now become a portal for drug cartels, human smuggling and international gang members who have discovered the United States' most vulnerable doorway.

Is this the America you want for your children and grandchildren? Do you want the MS-13 gang desecrating your neighborhoods and spreading violence through your cities? Are you okay with the fact that trained Mexican para-military assassins -- Los Zetas -- are already operating in the United States?

What, for you, will become the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back? Are you mad enough to write the president and your Congressmen and demand real action? Will you help move border security and immigration reform to the front burners of American politics?

FOLLOW-UP: Frosty Wooldridge may provide just the encouragement you need (i.e., the proverbial kick in the pants) to get busy and join the causes of border security and immigration reform sans amnesty that I and others champion who are thoroughly fed up with the present situation -- namely, 12 to 20 million illegals afoot in our land, lawbreakers one and all, who are taking advantage of the broad social safety net available to them, while at the same time sending billions of dollars back to their homelands (homelands to whom their primary, patriotic allegiance remains steadfastly intact). Understand, please, that they have that kind of discretionary income because of income tax avoidance and taxpayer subsidization of many of their common needs, including healthcare and education.

FOLLOW-UP II: Looking for a leader to get behind? You can do no better than to support Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO).

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