Thursday, February 23


Russia was a critical ally of the United States in World War II and integral to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Would that fact have made Americans comfortable were FDR to have staunchly defended (and with the threat of a presidential veto, no less) a deal "vetted" by his administration (and without his prior knowledge) for a Russian-owned company to take over the management of six critical American ports and during wartime?

If the answer is a resounding "NO!," then someone kindly tell me what the difference is today vis-a-vis United Arab Emirates-owned Dubai Ports World.

FOLLOW-UP: Much is being made of the critical importance of preserving the UAE as a critical ally in the global war on terror by not offending them in rescinding the Dubai Ports World deal. The arugument is that Dubai is of strategic geographical significance in America's GWOT. Well, to continue the analogy I made in this post, do ACSOL readers understand that Russia's warm water port of Murmansk was critical to the Allies' merchant shipping route that armed Russia to defeat the German second front? Read up on the Murmansk Run.