Wednesday, February 22


And here I had always heard that the President of the United States receives a highly-sensitive, daily, security briefing from the intelligence community.

Appears not.

That or the same intelligence agencies that had set up firewalls that prevented them from sharing intelligence with one another pre-"9/11," haven't learned a damn thing post-"9/11" and have now set up a firewall among themselves and the Oval Office.

Are we to assume that the intelligence agencies that "vetted" the UAE-owned Dubai Ports World deal decided that there was no inherent security risk in having an Arab company manage six of this country's key ports and that, accordingly, this little item didn't even become a bullet item on the daily security briefing?

That should give Americans a real sense of comfort. We're in so much better shape now then pre-"9/11" with our INTELL.

The president threatened his first veto ever yesterday in staunchly defending a deal that he knew nothing about until after his administration finalized the deal and word of it got out on the street and a firestorm ensued. Kind of like Middle Easterners receiving flying lessons -- no harm, no foul, no nothing until commercial jets are flown into skyscrapers!

This crap is getting old.

FOLLOW-UP: Your government at work.

FOLLOW-UP II: Wonder if this kind of information ever made it into the president's daily security briefing? DO READ IT, FOLKS. (H/T: Free Republic)