Saturday, February 18


The global war on terror (GWOT) is fast becoming a shell game of the Bush administration: now you see it; now you don't. LOGIC, that is. And Americans are being duped by the sleight of hand, drawn to the carnival stall by the consumate carnival barker, George W. Bush.

Bad enough that we've been told over and over again since "9/11" that we must fight Islamofascist-sponsored terrorism overseas so we won't have to fight it here in our homeland, when the Bush administration has purposefully maintained a porous borders' policy, willing to allow a veritable human invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico until it can get its amnesty-in-disguise Guest Worker Program launched.

But now there's something so fundamentally outrageous afoot that any semblance of logic behind the GWOT dissolves and leaves Americans aghast at the utter stupidity (and disingenuousness) of the federal government -- a government that can't (and won't) secure our borders, deal effectively with the devastating aftermath of Katrina and Rita, or implement a strategic energy initiative that reduces our country's dependence on foreign oil.

The outrage? At a time when the Department of Homeland Security -- George Bush's boondoggle of last resort -- continues to soak taxpayers without protecting them, the Bush administration is about to permit ownership of major American ports by Dubai Ports World, a United Arab Emirates' government-owned firm.

Arabs can own our ports and enter our country without proper documentation from Mexico (and even develop nuclear weapons), but American men and women in uniform must be maimed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we don't have to fight terrorists here in America? Come on! Where's the outrage? Who's kidding whom? Where's the logic in that?

My friend Frank Laughter has said it best.

FOLLOW-UP: More on this from Michelle Malkin.

FOLLOW-UP II: Here's a pertinent piece (H/T: The Anchoress)

FOLLOW-UP III: Here's more from Frank Laughter. And, I must say, I'm close to pulling that "I Still Support the President" banner from my site's right sidebar. Seems the president's kowtowing to business interests -- domestic and international -- is making a mockery of the DHS' obligations (and our country's chief law enforcement officer's) to secure our borders and our ports, and protect us from terrorist threats.

FOLLOW-UP IV: READ THIS and tell me if you're now mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?!

FOLLOW-UP V (02/19/06): Many Americans are unconvinced, as are many Congressmen; the fact that DHS' Chief Michael Chertoff is trying to reassure us that Arab ownership of American ports does not pose a national security risk ought to have ALL AMERICANS nervous as hell and demanding a full inquiry!

FOLLOW-UP VI (02/20/06): Frank Laughter is covering this issue like a glove. Now he raps Condi Rice on the knuckles for carrying the water for the Bush administration in support of Arab-owned American ports.