Saturday, February 11


How many of you watched Yoko Ono recite a lame poem on peace last night during NBC's coverage of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games from Turin, Italy?

My wife and I did and we couldn't decide what was more incongruous: her inane poem, coming as it did in the midst of the over-wrought protestations of the Muslim community over some political cartoons published last September, or the sappy manifesto -- "Imagine" -- that her deceased husband, John Lennon, wrote years ago, which, no matter how poorly sung (as it was last night), always brings out the cigarette lighters and gets the audience swaying back and forth, as if they've been hypnotized or smoked too many joints (or just read Karl Marx).

No heaven, no country, no religion, no possessions ...

Funny, as I watched the pomp and circumstance unfold and all of those nations represented by all of those flags, Lennon's goofiness seemed naive and altogether out of place.

Rather than ponder the lyrics, my wife and I were more concerned about what the natural gas bill would be to keep the Olympic Cauldron burning through the Games!