Wednesday, February 22


Here's a must-read column by Michelle Malkin on the Dubia Ports World deal and I found it linked in a well done post by Betsy Newmark on the same subject. I'm on the same page with Betsy and Michelle.

Captain Ed continues to stay on top of this boiling issue and adamantly opposes the deal.

Kevin Alyward of Wizbang! appropriately calls the president "politically tone deaf." Shades of the president's initial reluctance to pull his curious nomination of Harriet Miers.

Laura Ingraham is doing a splendid job on the subject on her morning radio talk show. I tune in on News Talk KRLA. And her Web site carries germane links. She's a gemstone of the Conservative Movement.

And Nick Anderson's political cartoon in today's Houston Chronicle makes the point well, I think (although perhaps I out did him this time around!). And, to be sure, kudos to the Chronicle's editorial writer.

President Bush has said that if there was any chance at all that the ports deal would jeopardize America's national security, then the deal wouldn't go through. This is the same president, of course, who has been a long-standing open borders' apologist and has done precious little to secure America's borders during his two-term tenure in the White House. I'd say a legitimate credibility gap exists, don't you think?

Hey, maybe in his phone call to Mexico's Vicente Fox on Monday, the two compadres kicked around the possibility of a Mexico-owned security firm taking over border patrol and customs' management at U.S. Ports of Entry. I'm sure the Wall Street Journal would endorse that transaction in a heartbeat and reassure Americans that the deal was "sufficiently vetted for the task at hand." Libertarian bloggers would, in turn, painstakingly instruct those of us deemed too dumb to get it that Mexico wouldn't own the border, but merely would be managing it and in that nuanced distinction all concerns about our country's national security should be allayed.

The inimitable James Lileks hones in on the likely outcome of this ports' imbroglio:

But if I had to make a prediction, I’d say this: the Dubai-ports fracas will become a flap, quickly swell into a firestorm, then become a debacle before settling into the history books as a “historic miscalculation” – providing the Republicans only lose the Congress. If they lose a city, it will be a “critical turning point.”