Wednesday, February 8


The Muslim world is in an apocalyptic uproar over cartoons printed last September in a Danish newspaper which, in its view, desecrated Islam, its god, Allah, and crossed a line of demarcation between freedom of expression and downright blasphemy.

The elite MSM, while for the most part refusing to republish these cartoons, is nonetheless using tons of newsprint and videotape to cover the story (and to cover its hindquarters).

In turn, the blogosphere is cranking out thousands of posts on the subject, raising the stakes to a veritable clash of civilizations.

Meanwhile, the purposeful killing of unborn human beings -- God's creations falling victim to the greatest blasphemy of all in the name of women's "reproductive rights" -- continues unabated worldwide and where is the outrage to be found?

The world is focused on the wrong sick cartoon. Abortion mills hum, while religious zealots burn flags and buildings and hang Western political leaders in effigy. The human remains of hapless unborn infants fill up bio-waste containers daily, while the nightly news focuses on "Cartoon Wars."

Abortion is an abomination and an outrage to the God who first created life. But the august Senate chamber of the most powerful nation on earth (and purportedly one of its most religious) bristles at the thought that its Supreme Court's composition might change enough to overturn a 1973 ruling that gave women the "right to choose" whether life can be "ended." Meanwhile, 19 million women worldwide get abortions each year.

If only an international intifada could be mounted against infanticide. But the world is more concerned about cartoon depictions than this despicable sacrilege.

CORRECTION: The cartoon depiction that fomented the rioting was of prophet Mohammed as a terrorist.