Sunday, February 19


At 12:10pm CST I ventured into the family room and turned on the television, checking CNN first, followed by Fox News. CNN was airing a panel discussion, entitled at the base of the screen: "Cheney Misfire." That's right, they're still beating the Vice President's hunting accident to death, even after Dick Cheney gave a belated interview to Fox's Brit Hume, even after a formal accident investigation by the Texas' Parks and Wildlife Department exonerated the vice president of being intoxicated while hunting, and even after the man shot, Harry Whittington, was released from the hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. Same ol', same ol'.

Meanwhile, Fox News was running a story examining the possibilities of an "Iran Nuke Showdown."

Now you tell me which cable news channel is "fair and balanced," and (to my way of thinking) more "on point?"