Saturday, February 11


There are gemstones to be found in what Hugh Hewitt characterizes as the "tail of the blogosphere" -- i.e., what he terms in his book, "BLOG," to be "the 95 to 99 percent of blogs that are not giant traffic getters." Audience size for a writer's work published on the Internet is not necessarily a hard and fast measure of the merits of a writer's craft.

A case in point: Frank Laughter and his blog, "Common Sense Junction." I'm a regular reader and I suggest that you should be too.

In this post, he challenges a view held by H-Bomb, a favorite blogger of Frank's (and of mine, I should add), that so-called "rightwingers" should be extra careful in upsetting the hypersensitive Muslim community. You'll enjoy Frank's paraphrasing of the inimitable Mark Steyn! And the antecedent to this post: this sharp-edged piece of commentary.

In this post, Frank takes on religious hypocrites and political fence-sitters with "sore crotches" and draws a laser-like bead on libertarians, in particular. It's a terrific read. Frank will never be acused of splitting hairs or weak-kneed political analysis.

But the best example in recent days of the strength of Frank's intellect was a link within this post of his on the Cartoon Wars and the "current perfervid terrorism in Europe." Frank provides a link to an essay he wrote way back on September 14, 2001, on the heels of the dastardly "9/11" attack on America by Islamofascists. It's a lengthy essay, to be sure, but a marvelous piece of writing. Were Frank Laughter among the big gun bloggers on the Internet, any number of high-hit-count blogger colleagues would be characterizing it as a "must-read" and he'd be receiving dozens of kudos from center-right bloggers for his most deserving essay.

But, of course, that hasn't happened.

Well, Frank, this "tail of the blogosphere" blogger read it, from beginning to end.

Treasure doesn't just stare you in the face, Dear Readers. You have to mine it. The blogosphere isn't just a Gold Rush to the treasure troves of the top-tier bloggers, or shouldn't be anyway. Seek out the gold nuggets in the more obscure venues and you'll be richer for it.