Wednesday, February 15


Members of the overwrought Washington press corps and talking-head, cable-TV pontificators have, in many instances, made egregious asses out of themselves in covering the Dick Cheney hunting accident that occurred this past Saturday in southern Texas. Tonight on Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor," Geraldo Rivera weighed in, saying the failure of the Vice President to report that same day the accidental shooting of a hunting companion rose to the level of Ted Kennedy's similar failure in the Chappiquiddick accident that involved the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. O'Reilly was incredulous. But then Giraldo went off half-cocked during the Katrina disaster in New Orleans and took hyperbole (and misinformation) to new heights, as is his propensity.

But, and regardless that I am a conservative Republican and one who twice voted for the Bush- Cheney ticket, I don't buy Mr. Cheney's explanation -- nor the wisdom in what he did -- to Fox News' anchor Brit Hume this afternoon that the 18-hour delay in initially reporting the shooting to the press was purposeful on his part because early news reports, in his experience, are oftentimes inaccurate and that he thought it best that an eye witness to the shooting (Katharine Armstrong) initiate contact with the press once the medical condition of Harry Whittington was better known.

That dog don't hunt, with all due respect, Mr. Vice President.

A hunting accident that shouldn't have been blown out of all proportion has, in part, because of the vice president's error in judgement in not going through normal channels and making as much information known to the press Saturday evening. It's bad enough that he shot Mr. Whittington; worse, Dick Cheney shot himself in the foot.