Tuesday, February 21


Now, then, doesn't this beat all. President Bush, who has allowed a huge increase in the size and scope and cost of government during his two-term tenure without ever once exercising his constitutional veto power, says he will exercise it for the first time if Congress attempts by legislative fiat to undo the UAE-owned Dubai Ports World takeover of the management of six major American ports!

My, my, my -- seems the president's back is up over this deal to insinuate Arab management into America'a ports. Harvard Business School must have blessed its economics.

I suppose if tough border-security legislation sans amnesty and convoluted Guest Worker Programs ever passes Congress and reaches the president's desk he'll veto that too.

Well, this for me is the straw that broke the camel's back.

In an age of global, Islamofascist terrorism and at a time when America's fighting men and women are battling overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, I don't want to be told that the Dubai Ports World scheme has been vetted at the highest levels of a government that didn't anticipate and thwart the "9/11" attack and has let our nation's borders go unsecured for decades. I'm hardly reassured!

I salute the president for the people he has placed on the SCOTUS and elsewhere in the federal judiciary. Neither the other party nor its presidential candidates were viable options and that political party continues its blind course of neither marshalling domestic and international solutions nor protecting unborn life.

But, that said, the president has, with his strong, vehement support today for the UAE deal (coupled with his persistent failure during his presidency to secure our borders) lost his GWOT credibility with me. I'm fed up.

Indeed, I freely admit to feeling how The Anchoress does:

President Bush seems to be going out of his way to confound even his most staunch supporters. One looks at this and thinks - he’s bending over and giving the Democrats the belt with which to beat him. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

I don’t pretend to understand it, but I’m frankly growing weary of it, and Bush should pay attention to my weariness, because if even “I” am getting tired of having to defend some of the stuff coming out of his White House, then that may indicate that his base is utterly weary of it, too. If you really want to lose in ‘08, make sure you’ve got everyone completely exhausted from your presidency and “ready for a change - any change” and make way too sharp a left turn.

And I'm with you, Frank Laughter: I smell a rat!

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