Tuesday, February 7


Frank Laughter of Common Sense Junction, who kindly (and often) extolls the virtues of my blog vis-a-vis reporting and commentary on border security and illegal immigration issues, has put up a couple of exceptional posts that I encourage you to read.

In "Meet Your Congressperson, Frank references a NumbersUSA analysis of voting records vis-a-vis the thorny issue of illegal immigration. If you're represented by a "fence straddler," I'd suggest you take paper and pen in hand. In "Our Borders Runneth Over," Frank, referencing a NumbersUSA newsletter, paints a bleak, but accurate picture of the post-HR4437 Congress that appears more inclined now to lay down for President Bush and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and support a Guest Workers Program, rather than first assuring that our borders are secured. Moreover, newly elected Majority House Leader Boehner (R-OH) is anything but tough on illegal immigration, so his elevation bodes poorly for vigorous efforts and legislation to secure our borders.

For those of us who have remained unconvinced that President Bush and Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff have had a belated epiphany on border security, The Dan Stein Report tells us to follow the money -- namely, the federal budget submission of the Bush administration for the upcoming fiscal year. This post is a must read. If that post doesn't get your blood boiling, this one of Dan Stein's will. While our porous borders present an ongoing national security threat, President Bush seems more concerned with feeding immigrant talent to California's Silicon Valley. Interesting, isn't it, that Bush wants "really bright folks" via H-1B visas to help propel the American economy, but at the same time allows millions of uneducated border-jumpers to enter the United States illegally every year to feed off of the largesse of the American economy and to send billions of dollars in remittances back to their homelands. How do you like that math?

James Fulford's post at the VDARE.blog is an important read that draws a line in the sand between "multiculturalism" that evolves through legal immigration and "colonization" that is the deleterious upshot of one country -- Mexico -- purposefully encouraging a human invasion of another -- the United States of America.

And Juan Mann's post at Michelle Malkin's "The Immigration Blog," points to the extremes Latino activists will go in painting border security advocates as racists. I suggest they and their apologists take a long, hard look at the homogeneity of Mexico's population. And while they're at it, they ought to take a look at how Mexico treats border-jumpers on its southern border with Guatemala (information courtesy of the well-respected "Center for Immigration Studies").

FOLLOW-UP: The Washington Times reports today that the Bush budget "again fails to fund the entire number of Border Patrol agents mandated by Congress but for the first time includes funds for his proposed guest-worker program." I guess that shows where the president's head is at and at a time when border incursions by the Mexican military further threaten this country's Border Patrol agents.