Friday, January 6


Do not pass go! Read this must-read piece linked by Dr. Sanity! You won't find any reference to it in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, or Washington Post, that's for damn sure. The anti-war, anti-Bush crowd will gag collectively on it, then dismiss it as right-wing propaganda. It'll get smaller print than on the Obit pages.

REFERENCE/SOURCE: The Weekly Standard

FOLLOW-UP (01/07/06): ACE is skeptical, but Michelle Malkin's glass is obviously more than half full and she adds, as I did, that you won't find this information in the major media, as the Bush administration seldom, if ever, gets the benefit of the doubt. Michelle, I should add, juxtaposes the "Weekly Standard" link with memorable quotes from Senators Kennedy and Kerry -- the titular heads of the Liberals' Truth Squad.

FOLLOW-UP II (01/07/06): According to NewsMax, the Bush administration will be releasing documents referenced in "The Weekly Standard" piece. H/T: "Free Republic"

FOLLOW-UP III (01/07/06): Scott at "Powerline" salutes Sergeant Seavey and links to a post of Lorie Byrd's ("Polipundit"), which includes a "comment" from Sgt. Seavey!

FOLLOW-UP III (01/07/06): Austin Bay's observations.

FOLLOW-UP IV (01/07/06): Dr. Sanity again and this time urging that we get The Weekly Standard piece circulated and linked. Done my best, Good Doctor!!!