Tuesday, January 31


I'll be succinct (how unlike me): I want the President of the United States to devote a significant portion of tonight's speech to border security and a commitment to enforce immigration laws already on the books. I don't want to hear about immigration reform or his fascination with a Guest Worker Program.

Fact is, the "State of the Union" is more than suspect when 12 - 20 million illegal aliens -- lawbreakers one and all -- reside here, plunder our treasury, healthcare and educational systems, tear the fabric of our culture, fill our jails and prisons, and send billions in remittances back to their homelands, for whom they refuse to revoke their allegiance.

This country has been suffering from a massive, long-standing invasion from the south that, arguably, pre-dated the Bush '43 presidency, but has gone on unchecked and unrestrained during his watch.