Friday, January 27


A 2,400 foot tunnel discovered running from a location near the Tijuana Airport, under the U.S.-Mexico border, and on to a warehouse in Otay Mesa, California, is no "Tom," "Dick," or "Harry" of "The Great Escape" fame. No, this threat to U.S national security is sophisticated beyond anything found to date in Mexico's purposeful invasion of America.

Reuters reports:

The tunnel has cement walls and supporting planks, is no less than five feet (1.2 meter) tall and wide, and runs as far as 60 feet underground, Unzueta said. It has lighting and ventilation, and a pumping system to drain groundwater.

The U.S. entrance has a cement ramp with a washboard pattern for better footing. "We believe this tunnel is, in fact, the largest tunnel ever found on the Southwest border," he said.

And here's the money quote:

We know it's been used for drug traffic but this really illustrates the dangers and risks of security to Americans," said John Fernandez, special agent at the DEA in San Diego.

It will be interesting listening to President Bush's upcoming "State of the Union" address to see if he points to the fact that our country is being invaded from the south by Mexican nationals and OTMs ("Other Than Mexicans") and that our porous borders, the tunnel systems being uncovered, the numerous incursions by Mexico's federal troops, and the presence of the notorious MS-13 gang in 33 states, constitute "a clear and present danger" to this country's national security in an age of international terrorism.

I suspect we'll not hear a word to that effect; but, we may well hear about the attributes of his Guest Worker Program.

The war in Iraq is not President Bush's Achilles Heel. No, it is the persistent invasion from the south and the fact that 11 million to 20 million patent lawbreakers are afoot in our land and the president wants for them what Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) terms "Amnesty-Lite."

Read about this tunnel and tell me that our nation is not vulnerable. Read about this tunnel and tell me you're comfortable that the Department of Homeland Security is doing its job.

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