Friday, January 13


The nationally-recognized and, in some quarters, controversial Republican congressman from Colorado, Tom Tancredo, was in the Houston area yesterday, as this blogger reported last evening, to address a "Secure America" town hall-style meeting in Conroe, Texas, on his hot button issues: border security and illegal immigration.

Conroe, Texas, is about a 40 minutes' drive north of the George Bush International Airport and easily within reach of the mainstream media: e.g., the Houston Chronicle, Local 2 News, and Channel 11 News. But, a review of area MSM outlets reveals no coverage today of a meeting that attracted easily 150 Houston-area citizens yesterday keenly interested in Congressman Tancredo's prescriptions for this country's porous borders, the national security threat they pose, and the thorny problem of illegal immigration and its impact on our nation's culture, treasure, health, and national identity.

Houston is America's 4th largest city and is the southcentral United States' equivalent of sprawling, concrete-ridden Los Angeles. It is also home to 350,000 to 400,000 illegal aliens and a city government and major metropolitan newspaper that endorse Houston's "sanctuary city" laws. And, to be sure, its geographical proximity to the contiguous Mexico-U.S. border and a major south Texas' corridor for illegal aliens -- the Rio Grande Valley -- make the topics Tancredo addressed as important locally, as they are nationally among concerned Americans.

So why do you think the MSM was absent? I didn't see a single news truck at the venue -- you know, the big straight trucks that appear at news scenes. I didn't see television and newspaper reporters gathered to record Tancredo's observations and recommendations and to pepper him with questions after his address. There were no television cameras or bank of microphones. What there was there was nada -- the MSM ignored the man and ignored 150 or so citizens who thought Congressman Tancredo's viewpoints deserved a fair hearing.

I did, however, find a story this morning that the Wendy's hamburger chain is no longer putting tomato slices on its burgers unless the customer specifically requests them. That, of course, is need-to-know information. The threats posed by the MS-13 gang, Mexican Zetas, illegal drugs, and serious diseases reappearing in our country pale by comparison.


Blogger John Hawkins' of Right Wing News published an interview he did of Congressman Tancredo and I heartily recommend it to you for the insights it provides into Mr. Tancredo's viewpoints on homeland security, porous borders, illegal immigration, and terrorism. I encourage you to read it, as the elite, Left-leaning MSM is too busy for this sort of thing.

FOLLOW-UP: This report in American Chronicle gives you a good sense of Congressman Tancredo's backbone. I only wish President Bush would see Mexico's Vicente Fox for what he is and put Mexico on notice! He needs to take a page out of Tom Tancredo's book.

FOLLOW-UP II: Here's a piece by William F. Jasper, published in "The New American," which points to the MSM's purposeful lack of coverage of newsworthy items related to dealing with border security and illegal immigration. Writes Jasper:

Completely unnoticed by many Americans - because it went largely unreported - were some important Christmas presents delivered by the House of Representatives in the closing hours of the 2005 congressional session. Thanks to the unyielding persistence of Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) and two dozen members of his House Immigration Reform Caucus, aided by a growing public outcry, the House took long-overdue action to address our escalating immigration crisis. Here are the big-ticket presents that made it through the House in hard-fought battles during the final hours before the Christmas break: adoption of important new border security and immigration enforcement legislation; defeat of dangerous amnesty/guest worker proposals; and stripping from the year-end omnibus spending bill an outrageous Senate provision to vastly increase the number of H-1B visas for foreign professionals and IT workers.

All of these House actions were major victories for middle America and major defeats for the combined big government/big business/big media/big labor forces that comprise the imposing "open borders" lobby.

FOLLOW-UP III: If you'd like an opportunity to hear Congressman Tancredo speak, here's a press release issued today that lists dates and venues for his "Secure America Now" speaking tour. I found the experience yesterday worthwhile and he certainly is deserving of your support and a writing campaign aimed at all levels of government.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Businesses bail on contributing to Tom Tancredo because of his tough, no-nonsense call for strict border security and amnesty-free immigration reform. The man has integrity.