Tuesday, January 24


The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito are again underway and California's Senator Dianne Feinstein is presently rationalizing her Pavolvian "Nay" vote on Alito. She's such a pompous ass. The Golden State, long since tarnished by the impact of liberal democrats and the Gray Davis era, deserves her, as it does Barbara Boxer.

But on one score she is absolutely right this morning: Samuel Alito is, as President Bush promised his faithful, a future SCOTUS justice in the strict constructionist, originalist, Scalia-Thomas bolt of cloth mold.

That's why Bush is in the Oval Office and John Kerry is not, Ms. Feinstein.

What is the far Left cabal of the Democratic Party all about? Simple answer: upholding Roe v. Wade and the right to choose that (since 1973) 46 million unborn babies be aborted and cast in bio-waste receptacles. How does such an unconscionable genocide of the innocent constitute a woman's "right to privacy" and her "reproductive rights?" Sick euphemisms, one and all.

PS: I have "grave" concerns about you and others of your political-moral ilk, Senator!

FOLLOW-UP: This "Daily Breeze" editorial says it all:

This week the Senate is expected to vote on the Supreme Court nomination of federal appeals Judge Samuel Alito, a former prosecutor and Justice Department attorney who won the American Bar Association's highest recommendation. Months of digging by journalists, Democratic operatives and Senate investigators turned up near-uniform testimonials from people of all ages and backgrounds who swear by Alito's brilliance, kind temperament, work ethic and devotion to the law. Attempts to smear Alito on extenuated guilt-by-association grounds and with wafer-thin conflict-of-interest allegations went nowhere.

Yet only a handful of the Senate's 44 Democrats are expected to vote to confirm Alito. If this occurs, it will be unprecedented, outrageous and unfortunate.

FOLLOW-UP II: Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has done himself and the Republican Party proud during the Alito confirmation hearings. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make a mad dash to the bathroom, as Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has begun bloviating and the nausea is already beginning to sweep over me.

FOLLOW-UP III: More obstructionist antics from the Dems.

FOLLOW-UP IV (@11:21am CST): Vote out of committee was 10-8 in favor of Alito.

FOLLOW-UP VI: Kudos to Polipundit for this post and the observations made.

FOLLOW-UP VII: Bravo, Don Surber! If there were a Howard Cosell Award in the blogosphere for "telling it like it is, " you'd win for your post-Senate Judiciary Committee vote post on the Dems. What a sorry bunch they are. All those hateful questions, all of that boorish posturing, and a pre-ordained vote the predictable outcome. What crap!