Thursday, January 12


Stare decisis is Latin for "to stand by that which is decided." And that's precisely what Senate democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are doing -- standing by that which they have decided. Do you think for a minute that Kennedy, Feinstein, Schumer or Durbin came to these confirmation hearings with an open mind about nominee Samuel Alito? These windbags can posture and preen all they want, but they're hellbent on rejecting the nominee.

Ironic how they pester Alito with repetitive questions about his commitment to the legal principal of state decisis in the context of upholding the Roe v. Wade abomination of 1973. Ironic in that they're upholding on behalf of the Democratic Party the long-standing precedent of "borking" any SCOTUS nominees placed before them by Republican presidents. That's the kind of commitment to past practice that the democrats revel in.

And where does ethically-challenged Ted Kennedy -- a man with enough mortal sins on his soul to cast him into the deepest regions of Hades -- get off punishing Samuel Alito (and Alito's wife) with McCarthy-style rhetorical questions aimed at impeaching Alito's character and integrity.

By the way, what do you want to bet Ted Kennedy had "cradle-CAP" as a baby?

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