Monday, January 9


Senate confirmation hearings get underway this afternoon for President Bush's SCOTUS nominee, Samuel A. Alito Jr. All indications are that it won't be pretty. Senate Democrats -- this country's Greatest Generation of naysayers -- are expected to wield their partisan club.

The "Wall Street Journal" has an Op-Ed piece today, written by Ken Kersch, that makes for compelling reading and Texas Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times, anticipating, as he does, the Senate's "borking of Alito."

Additionally, I recommend reading today's "Washington Post" editorial for its laudable political balance, but also for the naivette betrayed in listing the likely major questions that the Senate Judiciary Committee will explore in hearings that will no doubt be more about Democratic Party game-playing, histrionics, and edgy political in-fighting, than a fair-minded vetting of the nominee's fitness to serve.

FOLLOW-UP: Michelle Malkin has a post up with links on the commencement of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.

FOLLOW-UP II: Free Republic has some fun with the anticipated Senate slugfest over Alito.