Tuesday, January 31


President Bush spoke with undiluted candor in his "State of the Union" address -- indeed, so much so that it is fair to call it the "State of the Addiction" address. The president underscored that America is addicted to foreign sources of oil; and the president unabashedly affirmed that America is addicted to cheap, undocumented labor. For the former, he proposed broad new initiatives to reduce this country's dependency on Middle East oil and to develop innovative, alternative energy sources; for the latter, however, he proposed more of the same, calling on Congress to pass a Guest Worker Program, while eschewing any reference to the 12 - 20 million illegal aliens already in our country, preferring instead the euphemistic "immigrant" designation. To the president's way of thinking, oil dependency is an Achilles Heel, but cheap labor (cheap labor subsidized by American taxpayers) is an engine of the economy. In that view, of course, Mexico becomes the "Hopeful Society," not America -- hopeful that it can continue to export its poor, uneducated, and lawless to its northern neighbor, while receiving $16 - $18 billion annually in remittances from the hapless citizens both countries exploit.

Interesting, is it not, that the president emphasized the need for Americans to be better educated in math and the sciences to keep our country on the cutting edge of the global economy. Someone should remind him that scientists and mathematicians are not jumping our borders.

And interesting, is it not, that in an address largely devoted to international terrorism and the war in Iraq, the president refused to suggest there was any linkage between the war on terror and the need to secure our porous borders. Someone should show him that tunnel recently discovered between Tijuana and San Diego County and explain that, for all we know, it may have been the well-lighted, well-ventilated transportation conveyance for a nuclear device or canisters of nerve gas.

If eavesdropping on telephone calls between al Qaeda operatives and American citizens is essential to our nation's national security, then so too may be eavesdropping on telephone calls between the corrupt Vicente Fox government and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.