Tuesday, January 3


Representative John Murtha (D-PA) has now gone over the line in his well-publicized disagreement with the Bush administration over the war in Iraq. In a "Nightline" interview, he has told young Americans contemplating service in our Armed Forces that they have ample justification -- owing to what he terms a "wrong war" -- not to join. This goes beyond rank defeatism.

All the more reason that the Democratic Party cannot be entrusted with the security of our nation and the conduct of the global war on terrorism!

POSTSCRIPT: I published this post on November 17, 2005. I kindly ask you to scroll down to my "Follow-Up V" comments. I do not discount Representative Murtha's patriotic service to our country. But when a member of the United States Congress makes comments in a televised interview tantamount to telling this nation's young men and women not to volunteer for service in this nation's Armed Forces, then I have a profound problem with Mr. Murtha and regardless of his history of patriotic service. Such service does not confer upon him universally sound judgement, an unerring tenure as an elected public official, or shield him from legitimate criticism.

FOLLOW-UP: I couldn't agree more with Lorie Byrd of Polipundit. Do read her post on Rep. Murtha.

FOLLOW-UP II: (01/04/06) Brent Baker has an excellent post up at NewsBusters on what he terms the obsequious coddling of Representative Murtha by ABC's "Nightline" interviewer, Jon Donvan. Do read this account.

FOLLOW-UP III: (01/04/06) Marie Jon's column, published at "Renew America," is a must-read on Rep. John Murtha's "... harsh and ill-advised words" in discouraging our nation's young men and women from enlisting in the Armed Forces.