Wednesday, January 4


Frank Laughter at Common Sense Junction says it as well as anyone in the blogosphere in decrying the MSM for their almost universal purveying of misinformation last night and into the wee hours this morning on the mine disaster in Tallmansville, WV, claiming as they did that 12 of 13 trapped miners had been found alive, when, in point of fact, just the opposite was the case -- namely, 12 of 13 were tragically found dead.

Writes Frank with understandable sarcasm:

I suppose we’re lucky that the MSM has fact checkers and layers of editors to weed out bad reporting.

Sal Marinello (of argues convincingly that the old media's unconscionable, gut-wrenching screw-up on this story should become a "defining moment" for bloggers. He makes a cogent case for we bloggers not knee-jerking links to MSM outlets in the future in a race to generate "hits" at our sites, particularly when the "news story" has clearly not been attributed to a reliable, fact-checked source.

Meanwhile, we grieve for the miners who died, and for their families and friends, and pray that the lone miner who survived the ordeal recovers from his serious injuries.

FOLLOW-UP: Here's the story, as reported by the "Wheeling News-Register," as well as information on the lone survivor.

FOLLOW-UP II: The Anchoress' observations on this hurtful MSM fiasco are well-thought and pertinent.