Tuesday, January 10


I published a post on January 7th making the case that it was high time that the Bush administration hold the Vicente Fox administration accountable for the invasion of illegal immigrants across America's contiguous border with Mexico. Among a handful of issues I cited were the threats posed to U.S. Border Patrol agents (and American citizens) by Zetas and the MS-13 gang:

3) Mexican Zetas -- many used as for-hire, drug cartel assassins -- are now operating in Texas and other areas of the United States. They only serve to compound the violence that already abounds in 33 states owing to the notorious MS-13 gang -- a gang comprised of illegal aliens, most of whom enter the United States illegally through southern Texas' Rio Grande Valley.

Today, and to her credit, Michelle Malkin uses the powerful reach of her blog to cite a disturbing article in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (a southern California newspaper) about that very threat. That article concludes:

Some anti-illegal immigrant organizations blame the Bush administration for what they say is a lackadaisical attitude about border security.

"The president still acts like Mexico is a friendly neighbor, when in reality it's the complete opposite," said Andy Ramirez, chairman of Friends of the Border Patrol, a Chino organization that supports border agents. "Border Patrol agents' lives are in extremely high danger, and yet the public isn't notified. When are they going to realize that threats against our law-enforcement officers are threats against this nation?"

Precisely. That is what this blogger has concluded and has been writing about for a year now. I just wish my blog had more legs -- more traction. As I've written:

President Bush must stop mollycoddling Vicente Fox and allowing Mexico to interfere in U.S. domestic and international policy. Mexico poses, through its actions and inactions vis-a-vis the illegal alien invasion of the United States, a significant threat to America's national security.

Troops should be placed on the border to complement and bolster the efforts of U.S. Border Patrol agents, and to protect them. If Mexican military troops, federal police, and/or paramilitary elements hereafter illegally cross into the United States, the United States should respond by taking out illegal alien staging areas in northern Mexico.

Mexico needs to be put on notice; not the other way around.

And don't think for a minute that the MS-13 gang only targets law enforcement authorities and border patrol agents. Fact is, they murder helpless little boys, too. Open border apologists turn a deaf ear to this threat and in doing so do a disservice to our nation and its citizens.

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FOLLOW-UP: This is why it rankles me when the MSM gloats and persists in its open-borders' agenda. We don't need "nuanced" approaches to curb the threat of MS-13, Zetas, and drug runners. The impact of MS-13 here in Houston is noteworthy and a number of area bloggers are carrying the message about this serious issue and I'm proud to be among them.