Wednesday, January 25


It's not enough that the corrupt, Vicente Fox-led government of Mexico has published a guide, euphemistically entitled "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant," to encourage Mexican nationals to emigrate illegally to America. Now the Mexican government's National Human Rights Commission has joined in such complicity by publishing 70,000 maps to aid illegal border jumpers in entering Arizona safely and crossing its desolate desert regions.

The Los Angeles Times reports today (excerpts follow):

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission will print and distribute at least 70,000 maps showing immigrants the safest routes to cross the border into Arizona, officials said Tuesday.

The project, which immediately drew fire from groups organized against illegal immigration, is aimed at reducing the number of people who die trying to cross 50 miles of Sonoran Desert to reach highways in southern Arizona, according to Humane Borders, the Tucson-based humanitarian group that created the maps.

The new maps will show spots where people have died — presumably discouraging some prospective migrants — as well as main roads, rescue beacons and the locations of water stations maintained by Humane Borders.

While such patriotic organizations as The Minuteman Project draw the ire of President Bush, misguided, open borders' apologists such as Humane Borders aids and abetts the Mexican government in its purposeful invasion of the United States of America.

The Arizona Star reports (excerpts follow):

Four maps have been prepared, each one centering on a different migration corridor along the Arizona-Sonora border including Douglas, Nogales, Sasabe and Lukeville. The maps show the locations where deaths have occurred and also show where Humane Borders water stations have been set up and Border Patrol rescue beacons have been installed. The maps also indicate how far would-be illegal entrants can expect to walk in one to three days.

Mauricio Farah, one of the commission's national inspectors, said about 70,000 maps will be distributed throughout Mexico starting in March.

But some critics say the map, much like a controversial comic-style guide that Mexico distributed last year, will serve only to push more migrants north.

Jim Nixon, who belongs to Tucson's Arizonans for Immigration Control, said he had no doubt the map would encourage more border-crossers to make the trip.

"The map tells them where to go and where not to go," he said. "Humane Borders is aiding and abetting, there's no question in my mind."

What's at stake for Mexico? Why does it encourage massive illegal emigration to the United States? Simple. As the San Bernardino Sun reports:

Mexicans working in the United States are a huge source of revenue for Mexico, sending home more than $16 billion in remittances in 2004, Mexico's second largest source of foreign currency after oil exports according to the country's central bank.

FOLLOW-UP: I've written previously on the Humane Borders' leader, Rev. Robin Hoover.

FOLLOW-UP II: Debbie Schlussel weighs in on Fox, Bush, and the idiocy of the Humane Borders' folks who are co-conspiring with Mexico to facilitate the invasion of the United States by Mexican nationals.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (01//27/06): The Dan Stein Report advises that Mexico has decided not to distribute the maps! Now if the Humane Borders' folks will migrate to Mexico and take their misguided humaneness with them.