Tuesday, January 17


On January 7th, in a post entitled, "Isn't It About Time America Holds Mexico Accountable?," I wrote:

Assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents, including shootings, increased dramatically in 2005 and included not only rock-throwing, but automatic weapons fire. Mexican soldiers have even crossed into the United States illegally and fired on Border Patrol agents! That's right: the Mexican military poses a clear and present threat to the U.S. Border Patrol. And, fact is, you can go back as far as 1999 and still find a record of 341 assaults on Border Patrol agents. It's disgraceful and it continues unabated.

President Bush must stop mollycoddling Vicente Fox and allowing Mexico to interfere in U.S. domestic and international policy. Mexico poses, through its actions and inactions vis-a-vis the illegal alien invasion of the United States, a significant threat to America's national security.

Troops should be placed on the border to complement and bolster the efforts of U.S. Border Patrol agents, and to protect them. If Mexican military troops, federal police, and/or paramilitary elements hereafter illegally cross into the United States, the United States should respond by taking out illegal alien staging areas in northern Mexico.

Today, "Mark In Mexico" makes the following statements in this post of his:

The last time the United States was invaded by a foreign army, in uniform, was 2005, and it may have happened again this year, we just don't know about it, yet. This shocking report and graphic relates that the Mexican Army has repeatedly violated our sovereignty - 9 times in 2005 and many more times in the previous years, totaling 216 incursions since 1996. These incursions into United States territory are to protect drug smugglers. These Mexican incursions have been met on more than one occasion by lightly armed US Border Patrol officers who have had to withdraw.

Read the whole thing and then write to your congressman!

FOLLOW-UP: Peter Brimelow of the VDARE blog provides the names of some RNC members deserving of kudos. More from VDARE's Bryanna Bevins on the MSM amazingly getting the story out on the Mexican Army's incursions into the United States.

FOLLOW-UP II: Do read The Washington Times' piece on the brazenness of Vicente Fox's government and its armed forces. Why does President Bush not act?

FOLLOW-UP III: And don't forget we also have the issue of Mexico's consulates in the United States insinuating themselves into America's domestic policies!

FOLLOW-UP IV: The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, is apparently getting religion and issued a hard-hitting, five-page "newsletter" last Friday to the Vicente Fox government in Mexico. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's been appropriately termed a "stealth" press release in that it cannot be found on the U.S. State Department Web site, nor anywhere else that I can tell. I wish it had landed an endorsement from President Bush. As with similar hard-hitting pronouncements from the DHS' Michael Chertoff, the proof will be in the pudding.