Tuesday, January 24


ProLifeBlogs provides photographs of the mightly successful "March For Life" in Washington D.C.

While not in attendance yesterday, President Bush nonetheless addressed Pro-Life forces assembled in the nation's capitol, and, in his stirring, from-the-heart remarks, underscored the principal reasons I voted for him in 2000 and again in 2004 -- his commitment to the sanctity of life and his promise to place strict constructionists in the Scalia-Thomas mold on the SCOTUS.

I appreciate so very much your work toward building a culture of life-- (applause) -- a culture that will protect the most innocent among us and the voiceless. We are working to promote a culture of life, to promote compassion for women and their unborn babies. (Applause.) We know -- we know that in a culture that does not protect the most dependent, the handicapped, the elderly, the unloved, or simply inconvenient become increasingly vulnerable.

The America of our dreams, where every child is welcomed in law -- in life, and protected in law may still be some ways away, but even from the far side of the river, Nellie, we can see its glimmerings. (Applause.) We're making progress in Washington. I've been working with members of the Congress to pass good, solid legislation that protects the vulnerable and promotes the culture of life. I signed into law a ban on partial birth abortion. (Applause.) Infants who are born despite an attempted abortion are now protected by law. (Applause.) So are nurses and doctors who refused to be any part of an abortion. (Applause.) And prosecutors can now charge those who harm or kill a pregnant woman with harming or killing her unborn child. (Applause.)

This is precisely why I still support this president. I have my issues with him -- profound issues -- on fiscal responsibility and border security, but his advocacy of the culture of life places him head and shoulders above the Pro-Choice, progressive-secularists that the Democratic Party would place in the Oval Office if Red State America would permit.

I applaud you, Mr. President. I deplore you, Mr. Kerry, and the liberal cabal that runs the Democratic Party and has no compunction about 46 million dead.