Saturday, January 7


"The Sierra Times" has published a story this morning indicating that Mexican government officials are now "satisfied" that the United States' government is properly investigating the recent death of a Mexican national by a U.S. Border Patrol agent that occurred while the Mexican national was attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

The Mexican government is satisfied with the United States' promise to conduct a thorough investigation of the events surrounding the shooting death of a Mexican migrant allegedly by a U.S. Border Patrol agent, President Vicente Fox's spokesman said Friday.

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke with the Mexican foreign secretary to guarantee that there will be an independent investigation and that they will take the appropriate actions," Ruben Aguilar said. "This seems to us to be an adequate attitude."

On Thursday, Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said that he and Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal had been assured by Rice and U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff that there would be an investigation in order to avoid the perception that U.S. officials were trying to protect the agent in question. The agent has not been identified. But Derbez also said that Mexico might consider a trial-in-absence of the Border Patrol officer, and he added that he believed last week's shooting death of Guillermo Martinez, 18, was caused by "a negative atmosphere" toward migrants in the United States. The Border Patrol says the shooting occurred after the migrant, who was trying to cross the border illegally, threw a large rock at the agent.

The so-called "negative atmosphere" in America today is owing to the huge problem of illegal aliens, not properly-documented Mexican emigrants entering the U.S. through proper immigration channels; but that, of course, is how the propaganda mill centered in Mexico City, buttressed by countless Mexican consulates, Latino activist groups in the United States, and elite, mainstream media sympathizers play the game.

Border-jumpers are lawbreakers, pure and simple (as are the companies that employ them). All the euphemisms to the contrary will not change that fact.

So just why is it that the Bush administration is making "promises" to the government of Mexico which blatantly encourages illegal immigration (and is thoroughly corrupted by the illegal drug trade) without a quid pro quo -- namely, that Mexico immediately cease and desist from such encouragement, ensure law and order in its border cities, remove "staging areas" and undertake a crack down on border-jumpers?

There is ample justification for the Bush administration to get tough with the Vicente Fox regime (but don't hold your breath), and here are but a few examples:

1) Assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents, including shootings, increased dramatically in 2005 and included not only rock-throwing, but automatic weapons fire. Mexican soldiers have even crossed into the United States illegally and fired on Border Patrol agents! That's right: the Mexican military poses a clear and present threat to the U.S. Border Patrol. And, fact is, you can go back as far as 1999 and still find a record of 341 assaults on Border Patrol agents. It's disgraceful and it continues unabated.

2) The "Washington Post" reported back on January 22, 2005, of the appalling number of kidnappings of American citizens in the crime-ridden Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo.

"U.S. citizens are urged to be especially aware of safety and security concerns when traveling through or visiting in Nuevo Laredo," it said. The message said 21 U.S. citizens had been kidnapped or had disappeared between August and December, with nine later released, two found dead and 10 still missing. It also mentioned the "alarming rate" of kidnappings that has continued for some time across Mexico, including "express" abductions for quick-cash ransoms.

3) Mexican Zetas -- many used as for-hire, drug cartel assassins -- are now operating in Texas and other areas of the United States. They only serve to compound the violence that already abounds in 33 states owing to the notorious MS-13 gang -- a gang comprised of illegal aliens, most of whom enter the United States illegally through southern Texas' Rio Grande Valley.

President Bush must stop mollycoddling Vicente Fox and allowing Mexico to interfere in U.S. domestic and international policy. Mexico poses, through its actions and inactions vis-a-vis the illegal alien invasion of the United States, a significant threat to America's national security.

Troops should be placed on the border to complement and bolster the efforts of U.S. Border Patrol agents, and to protect them. If Mexican military troops, federal police, and/or paramilitary elements hereafter illegally cross into the United States, the United States should respond by taking out illegal alien staging areas in northern Mexico.

Mexico needs to be put on notice; not the other way around.

H/T: "Free Republic"