Saturday, January 14


That's a quote of Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce's -- a recipient of the "Medal of Valor" award -- who made that statement in an interview on border security and illegal immigration, published in on January 9, 2006.

I encourage ACSOL readers to find the time to read Russell Pearce's thoughts and observations, among them:

We must secure our borders (yes, build a wall, even the Governor of Colorado called for a wall) and enforce our laws now! Currently, local law enforcement has the authority to enforce immigration laws without prior permission. Our citizens deserve it, our Constitution demands it, and our Oath of Office requires us. We have the ability, the technology, the resources we just need honest and dedicated servants to honor the Rule of Law and the will of this great nation, before any talk about a Guest Worker program.

I do believe there is hope. We must, with compassion, but without apology enforce our immigration laws. I believe this is the number one issue/crises facing America. Illegal immigration is our Trojan Horse. Today in Arizona (and the nation mirrors this) 91% of those polled want more done on immigration. I don't believe there has ever been such a disconnect between the "elite" and the people, as there is on this issue. Yet we continue to have those in Washington and in the state legislatures pander for alternatives to enforcing the law.

You can't just "want more done," Folks. You have to do something about it. Call or write to your government representatives at the city, state, and federal level. Write a "Letter to the Editor" of your local newspaper. Post about border security and the illegal alien problem, if you're a blogger, as I regularly do. Get behind, as I did this week, elected officials who have the guts to stand tall and fight for strict border enforcement and immigation reform that does NOT include amnesty for lawbreakers. And use your votes to defeat elected public officials who countenance porous borders and are apologists for so-called "cheap labor" and the illegal alien invasion of this country.

And do scroll down my blog's right sidebar to the heading, "Vincent Omnia Veritas," where you will find a number of links to outstanding sites that will provide information on the hydra-headed problem of porous borders and provide guidance on how to join and support efforts to secure our borders and deport illegal aliens back to their countries of origin.