Sunday, January 1


I wish for all of you -- regular readers of and periodic visitors to A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT -- a Happy New Year in 2006: the love of family and friends, spiritual growth, success and good fortune, good or improving health, wisdom gained, knowledge acquired, and a renewed determination to value human life, most certainly that of the unborn.

I appreciate your readership and place great value on the friendships I have made along the way in my first year of blogging.

More importantly, I thank the broad community of center-right and right-of-center bloggers who provide incisive commentary and a wealth of insights (while advancing traditional values) on the news of the day and the political realm, thereby enriching and sustaining my long-standing interests in politics, current events, illegal immigration, the rights of the unborn, and judicial activism. You're the best and occupy the blogroll in my right sidebar. Great reads, one and all.

Be good, be safe, be happy, and do stop by ACSOL as often as possible in 2006.

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