Tuesday, January 3


I'm a Dallas Cowboys' fan and their loss this past Sunday night to the St. Louis Rams was a disappointing end to yet another frustrating season in which they left their chances of getting into the playoffs as a wild card team up to the Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles, both losing their final games of the season, thus rendering the Dallas vs. St. Louis game academic. Now, then, note that today is Tuesday and that I gave myself a day and a half to cool down before expressing the following.

Whether you're a Cowboys' fan, a Rams' fan, or simply an NFL devotee who opted to watch the ESPN Sunday Night Football telecast the evening of New Year's Day, would you agreee with me that ESPN's announcing team of Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann, and Paul Maguire are about as bad a group of football announcers on television as they come? Huge segments of ESPN's Sunday night broadcast were devoted more to narcissistic self-worship than to the game. I was ready to throw something through the television screen it got so bad and teeth-grinding borish, but opted instead just to hit the "mute" button. The broadcast was all about them and the ESPN Sunday Night Football broadcast team and precious little about the game unfolding before them in Irving, Texas. It was a disgraceful display of self-absorbed hubris.

Good riddance! Let's hope John Madden and NBC do justice to NFL football games on Sunday nights in the 2006 season!