Saturday, January 14


Recall back in October of last year New York's and the federal government's overarching response to intelligence that later proved to be a hoax that terrorists were going to blow up portions of the subway system of America's largest city? The major television network and cable news outlets were abuzz and the nation was truly gripped by the threat that New York City might be struck yet again. Not only were extra New York City policemen -- uniformed and undercover agents -- put on duty to patrol New York's subway system, but hundreds of New York State national guardsmen were also brought in to thwart the expected attacks.

But now that the woefully under-staffed and out-gunned U.S. Border Patrol may be the target of MS-13 for-hire assassins, where is the federal government, its glaringly inept Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and this country's chief law enforcement officer and the DHS' secretary when U.S. Border Patrol agents come under the threat of America's most notoriously violent, illegal immigrant gang?

It's pretty lame, don't you think, for the Department of Homeland Security merely to issue a confidential memorandum (i.e., an "officer safety alert") when its Border Patrol agents may now be at grave risk of death or serious injury at the hands of paid, MS-13 hit men? In point of fact, few Border Patrol agents were even aware of the memorandum or the threat to them until the news media picked up the scent. How would you like to work for an employer who cared so little about your personal, on-the-job safety?

So why haven't federal troops and state national guardsmen been moved to the border to beef up border security in a demonstrable show of force that would put MS-13 gang members, their Mexican drug cartel employers, and the corrupt government of Mexico on notice that America has the will to protect its border agents and to defeat a deadly gang that now operates in 33 states in our country?

MS-13's insidious reach is but one of many terrible consequences of three administrations' (Bush-41's, Clinton's, and Bush-43's) indifference to the human invasion that crosses our southern border, largely unimpeded, each and every day of the week. That's why we have, by conservative estimates, 11 -12 million illegal aliens afoot in our land right now, and why a gang composed largely of illegal aliens can threaten with impunity a law enforcement agency of the federal government.

Chertoff has proven to be no Elliott Ness. And President Bush talks about the national security implications of the terrorists' threat in Iraq, but looks askance at our country's porous borders and the fact that some 40,000 to 50,000 "Other Than Mexicans" (OTMs) were interdicted at our southern border in 2005 (approximately 60,000 in 2004) coming from "countries of interest" (i.e., countries that recruit, train, support, and export terrorists), which means that as many as 250,000 OTMs actually made it across undetected and now pose a material threat to our nation's homeland security! Why? Because for every interdicted illegal alien, 3-5 more enter the country undetected and unapprehended.

This blogger has reported countless times on the MS-13 threat, as well as the threat posed right here in Texas by the Zetas -- trained, Mexican para-military, for-hire assassins, working in collusion with the Mexican drug cartels. But until American voters demonstrate their concern at the voting booth not much good will come from the advocacy of strict border enforcement and immigration reform sans amnesty. The voting booth is where the rubber will meet the road. And don't look for the mainstream media in this country to keep you informed.

FOLLOW-UP: I encourage my readers to take the time to read Jerry Seper's comprehensive piece, published yesterday in "The Washington Times," on the MS-13 threat to U.S. Border Patrol agents. Apart from that threat, do understand that American citizens are regularly being murdered, raped, robbed, and assaulted by these "undocumented aliens" who have come to America, as the liberals would have us believe, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Right!