Tuesday, January 17


Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans is no better at proselytizing, than he is at employing under-utilized school buses and outfitting "shelters of last resort" in a crisis. The man is incompetent and two quarts low on intelligence.

And someone ought to break the news to him: New Orleans is fast-becoming a Mexican settlement.

NO MATTER WHAT ALL the politicians and activists want, African Americans and impoverished white Cajuns will not be first in line to rebuild the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast and New Orleans. Latino immigrants, many of them undocumented, will. And when they're done, they're going to stay, making New Orleans look like Los Angeles. It's the federal government that will have made the transformation possible, further exposing the hollowness of the immigration debate.

After all, I tried to tell him.

FOLLOW-UP: Priceless!

FOLLOW-UP II: The inevitable Robertson-style, post-inflammatory-remarks apology has been issued by Mayor Nagin (linked by Michelle Malkin).