Monday, January 9


I wrote the following last week on what I termed the "anti-immigrant border fence ruse":

Border fencing, contrary to Sanchez's transparent propaganda, is not the brainchild of strident zenophobes, but of a Congressional response to growing American rage that a third world country that eschews reform, turns a deaf ear to its hapless poor, and lives off of the billions of dollars in remittances from its illegal emigrants to the United States, is purposefully interfering in America's domestic policy and willfully undermining its national security and foreign policy interests vis-a-vis the threat from international terrorism.

Whether America wants to build the equivalent of a modern-age Great Wall of China or place troops and a network of forts along its contiguous border with Mexico, or simply beef up its Border Patrol and electronic surveillance, it is our right as a soveriegn nation to do so. Period.

Today, Polipundit posts on the border fence issue and writes:

Opponents of the proposed US-Mexico fence wouldn’t be so vocal if they thought the fence would fail. The reason they’re squealing like stuck pigs is that they know the fence will work!