Monday, January 9


If you missed Lorie Byrd's review at Polipundit of the controversial new television series, "The Book of Daniel," I do encourage you to read it.

Writes Lorie:

The biggest failure of the show, in my opinion, is that it is like a big cartoon. I have already mentioned the mob connected Catholic priest, the kids’ jokes about one son who is adopted about being Asian, one son who is gay about being gay, and the daughter about being arrested for selling drugs. These are really heavy topics and they are laughed off and never really given any serious discussion. The show just jumps from one controversial or shocking situation to the next. Every character on the show that I can recall either has a sexual storyline (gay, lesbian, adulterer, priest’s son sleeping with the 16-year-old daughter of church member, etc.) or is abusing a substance of some sort (Daniel constantly pops painkillers, his daughter sells pot and the maid smokes it, and his wife always seems to be looking for olives for her martini). The only church official on the show that is not having an affair is Daniel and he is constantly popping painkillers.

I had no intention of viewing it, did not, and clearly made the right decision.

A caller into Laura Ingraham's radio show this morning (can be heard over your computer on News Talk 870 KRLA) termed the show "incredibly bad," while another termed it egregiously "offensive." Laura predicts the series will be cancelled soon enough and that, at best, "The Book of Daniel" merits a derisive guffaw.