Thursday, January 19


"Blogger" has been acting up this week and my frustration level is spiraling. For reasons I don't understand and that the "Blogger" Help Desk has yet to resolve, I cannot append Technorati tags to my posts. I wrote to the Help Desk and received back one of those customary auto-replies that asks you to do the obvious while you cool your blogging heels waiting for some bona fide assistance. Earlier this week I experienced an HTML meltdown in my site's template and had to reload my template with a copy I had saved at the end of last year. It certainly was my fault for not doing at least weekly copying of the template and dutifully saving those copies in Notepad; but, that said, I lost in the process a number of new links I had loaded into my sidebar since the first of the year. As if this were not enough, there have been frequent episodes this week of my blog not entirely loading banners and photos. This has occurred with Microsoft and with Mozilla Firefox. One minute, ACSOL loads just fine; another minute later, it does not.

I apologize to my regular readers and to those who have visited this week for the first time. I'm trying to get these issues resolved, but I'm afraid I'm hamstrung at the moment by a Help Desk that hasn't gotten to me yet.