Tuesday, January 10


Don't miss reading Bulldogpundit's post on the opening salvos fired by Senate Judiciary Committee democrats. It's a gem. Patterico, in turn, earns a chuckle for this clever post, taking a shot at one of the confirmation hearing's biggest knuckleheads.

You can find an audio link at Stop The ACLU of a portion of Samuel Alito's impressive opening statement to the august Senate Judiciary Committee.

And do read this Free Republic post for an unerring glimpse at NBC's Matt Lauer's objectivity vis-a-vis the SCOTUS nominee. Don't you love the MSM's handwringing over Bush's nominee!

Let the games begin ...

FOLLOW-UP: The Polipundit folks have a couple of posts on the Alito hearings, replete with links. Check out this one of Polipundit's and this one of Lorie Byrd's.

FOLLOW-UP II: Michelle Malkin does a links round-up for Day #2 of the hearings.

FOLLOW-UP III: Debbie Schlussel takes the writers covering the hearings for USA Today to task for their superficial, sophomoric reporting.

FOLLOW-UP IV: ProLifeBlogs provides links to live-blogging of the hearings, as well as a link to where member blogs' posts on the Alito hearings are aggregated.