Friday, January 6


Marcela Sanchez's Op-Ed piece in today's "Washington Post" (registration required for online edition) on current legislation to fund 700 miles of high-tech border fence along sections of the U.S.-Mexico border is pure, unadulterated artifice from yet another MSM apologist for Mexico's wholesale El Plan de Aztlan invasion of America . Indeed, that invasion (1.1 million/year) is being encouraged and directed by the egregiously corrupt government of Mexico and staunchly defended by a coterie of liberal activists and their co-conspirator allies in the elite mainstream media.

Writes Sanchez:

When the House of Representatives passed the Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act last month, it bowed to the narrowest possible thinking on immigration. The bill, one of the harshest in decades, would fund the building of nearly 700 miles of new high-tech fences along the U.S.-Mexico border and make illegal immigration a felony. Any U.S. citizen found driving an immigrant anywhere -- even to a hospital or school -- could be arrested as an "alien smuggler" if the immigrant were determined to be here illegally.

There is no question that this country's changing demographics through immigration have become a source of increasing tension and discomfort. The House's action appears to be in response to the few strident voices that have taken advantage of this growing anxiety to hype the sentiment that illegal immigrants are lawbreaking invaders who deserve to be punished or deported. For someone outside of the U.S. looking in, it may well seem justified to conclude that the quintessential country of immigrants is backtracking.

Border fencing, contrary to Sanchez's transparent propaganda, is not the brainchild of strident zenophobes, but of a Congressional response to growing American rage that a third world country that eschews reform, turns a deaf ear to its hapless poor, and lives off of the billions of dollars in remittances from its illegal emigrants to the United States, is purposefully interfering in America's domestic policy and willfully undermining its national security and foreign policy interests vis-a-vis the threat from international terrorism.

Whether America wants to build the equivalent of a modern-age Great Wall of China or place troops and a network of forts along its contiguous border with Mexico, or simply beef up its Border Patrol and electronic surveillance, it is our right as a soveriegn nation to do so. Period.

We have a right to secure our borders against border-jumpers.

America's melting pot is boiling over because of illegal entry and emigrants who resist cultural assimilation, while bleeding American taxpayers and this country's resources dry. Those are the unassailable facts, pure and simple.

What Sanchez is really wringing her hands over is that she and others of her ilk do not want border security to precede immigration reform, but rather have it lost in the immigration reform debate.

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FOLLOW-UP II: The "Washington Post" is but one classic example of the elite mainstream media supporting an open borders' agenda (and just so you don't think I'm a jaded conservative, so, too, is the "Wall Street Journal"). Another classic example is the "Houston Chronicle" -- the main newspaper for the nation's 4th largest city and a city which most reliable sources cite as having 350,000 - 400,000 illegal aliens within its boundaries. I've taken the "Houston Chronicle" to task time and again. Last night on the "O'Reilly Factor," Anne Linehan of did a fine job of delineating the deleterious impact of illegal immigration on Houston and how the Houston Chronicle's misguided editorial board supports such nonsense as Sanctuary City laws and day labor centers for illegals. We who see illegal immigration for the threat that it is must hold editorial boards of metropolitan newspapers accountable when they delude their readers and align themselves with the positions of nefarious activists groups and the corrupt, Fox-led government of Mexico.

FOLLOW-UP III: The Lonewacko Blog has published this must-read post on Mexico's reaction to HR 4437 and the implication's of Mexico's patent interference in the domestic politics of the United States. Be informed -- do read the post.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Marcela Sanchez writes that the "House may be alienating the Hispanic electorate." Here's a different point of view on Latino voters worth reading, courtesy of "Americans for Legal Immigration." Remember, Folks, be critical readers!