Monday, January 9


The Anchoress began tracking the hits on her popular blog the same month that I did -- December, 2004 -- but that's where any comparison with ACSOL ends abruptly. Hers just passed the one million hits threshold; mine is still laboring in "tail of the blogosphere" oblivion and with a Sitemeter performance that oftentimes rivals that of a dead car battery.

But I damn sure do not begrudge her her success, as I've declared myself a fan of her writing time and time again. Besides, she's been an indefatigable supporter of this blog (as has Lorie Byrd of Polipundit), placing ACSOL in her blogroll and linking to many of my posts, for which I am grateful. This blogging equivalent of the "little engine that could" doesn't lack for an occassional burst of steam courtesy of The Anchoress! She's as good a person, as she is a writer.

Today, in commenting on her blog's success, she reveals:

What were my expectations? Really, I had none. I still have no ambitions for the blog beyond maintaining my status as a “playful primate” in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. If along the way I manage to supplement the meagre income I derive from freelance writing, well, I consider that a bonus for which I find myself exceedingly grateful, but it was never part of the plan. I am a writer. Basically, all I ever wanted to do was write, write and write and read, read and read about my three passions, religion, politics and baseball. The advent of the blogosphere has allowed me to blend my passions and my proclivities. A perfect synergy, so to speak.

Well, that synergy has translated into impressive bat speed and she's hit one so far out of the park that we still can't put the tape measure to it.

Congratulations, Anchoress!