Tuesday, January 31


Samuel Alito's confirmation today by the Senate's Republican majority (and subsequent swearing in) is a victory in many respects: 1) the kind of nominee that a re-elected President Bush had committed to to his base during his campaign has been placed on the SCOTUS, and on the heels of John Roberts' confirmation as Chief Justice and in the wake of an efficacious uprising of conservatives over the misguided Harriet Miers' nomination; 2) the power center of an effete, Left-controlled political party -- the Democratic Party -- has been soundly defeated, both in national elections and on the floor of the Senate, and the idiocy of its liberal icons shown in bold relief before the nation; 3) the United States Constitution has been and will be reaffirmed, and the Democrats' affinity for "legislation from the bench" debunked; 4) Senator John Kerry's failed fillibuster attempt showed him for the egregious loser and thorough buffoon he is; 5) Leftie polibloggers proved themselves yet again as more squall line than powerful persuaders and the voices of reason; and, 6) it's two down and, hopefully, at least one more strict constructionist nominee to go in the Bush '43 era!

My heartiest congratulations to Justice Alito and his family, and to President Bush and Senate Republicans (save for one miserable RINO, Lincoln Chafee)!