Wednesday, December 28


The Washington Post declares in an editorial in today's edition (registration required) that "border security is a real issue, but it is not the only -- or even the principal -- issue confronting those who would tackle illegal immigration."

What a preposterous statement in a post "9/11," homeland security age!

The editorial devotes itself to castigating House members (and the Bush administration) for passing 239-182 a "bad border bill" sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) that, as the WaPo editorialist continues:

... is dangerous because of what it does and what it doesn't do. It contains any number of mindless criminal penalties for immigration violations, and it would make both detention and deportation of illegal immigrants easier. But it would do nothing to rationalize U.S. immigration policy.

By rationalizing U.S. immigration policy, what the Washington Post's editorial board is looking for is a general amnesty for the 11 - 12 million illegal aliens already afoot in the United States "in an economy that cannot function without them." That, argument, of course, translates into the "cheap labor" charade and "work that Americans will not do" canard that the liberal press and open borders' apologists have foisted upon the American people via a heavy, unremitting stream of media propaganda.

To be sure, illegal aliens work oftentimes at sub-market rates of pay, but the difference is more than made up by American taxpayers -- a huge subsidization that benefits businessess illegally employing border jumpers and which allows the illegals to send to their homelands annually billions of dollars in untaxed remittances.

What the WaPo editorial doesn't say is that the United States could have a legitimate, legal avenue for immigration in sufficient numbers to meet the requirements of this nation's economy and in a well-defined, constructive manner that would best facilitate cultural integration. What is different today from America's historic "melting pot" reliance is that undocumented aliens are illegally jumping the southern border of the United States in numbers tantamount to an invasion (estimated at 1 million annually) and they're being encouraged and guided by the corrupt government of Mexico.

This wholesale breeching of our borders in the midst of a global war on terrorism and in the aftermath of the dastardly September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon (as well as a failed attempt on a significant Capitol venue) presents a bona fide national security threat that the WaPo editorialist doesn't so much as blink an eye at. That indifference -- that relegating of border security to other than a top-priority must-do -- is as unconscionable, as it is just plain dumb.

As this writer has argued, border security is a must and must come before any immigration reform legislation. First order of business: control the borders; stop the invasion!

FOLLOW-UP: John Hawkins of Right Wing News has a well-thought post up on "Guest Worker Programs" and the issue of the purported need for so-called "cheap labor" that drives, in part, the illegal alien problem in this country. Do take the time to read it. My contention, of course, is that by the time you add all of the taxpayer-funded subsidization of healthcare and social safety net costs provided to illegals to their "raw wage costs," then in point of fact they're anything but cheap laborers.