Monday, December 12


I am confident Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California will do the right thing today and not grant clemency to Stanley Tookie Williams -- convicted murderer and founder of the notorious Crips street gang. Williams is slated to be executed by lethal injection at one minute after midnight tomorrow.

I'm not interested in his jailhouse conversion to anti-gang advocacy or impressed that he's co-authored a number of books. What might his victims have accomplished in their lives had they not been slain?

Let God judge the genuineness of Tookie's redemption in His kingdom.

Here, on this Earth, we must protect ourselves and our loved ones from cold-blooded murderers.

FOLLOW-UP: Governor Schwarzenegger has, indeed, made the right decision. The twisted morality of effete Hollywood liberals did not prevail. Justice will be served. Besides, if anyone in the Golden State is deserving of clemency it is the taxpayers who are paying the enormous tab for the Democratic Party's death-grip on the state, as well as for runaway illegal immigration.

FOLLOW-UP II (12/13/05): May his victims rest in peace and may the Good Lord bring comfort to their surviving loved ones whose lives were irrevocably changed by this evil man.