Monday, December 12


Dear Readers of ACSOL,

Thanks for your patience during my absence from blogging.

The one-year-old chap pictured was the reason for the brief hiatus, as my wife and I traveled to be with my namesake, Austin Higgins (our youngest grandchild), on his 1st birthday and to spend a week at the home of his parents -- our youngest son, Joe, and his wonderful wife and Austin's mother, Krissy.

We enjoyed a full week under the same roof with our "little man" and delighted in his sunshine personality and cuter-than-cute mannerisms.

Austin is walking now, has eight teeth and is cutting more. The visit undoubtedly taxed our daughter-in-law, but gave us the opportunity to be a part of his life -- to play with him, read to him, feed him, change his diapers (I managed to put one on backwards!), and follow him around the house, as he explored and showed off for us. Krissy was so generous in sharing her little cherub with us and making us feel comfortable and welcomed in her home. She's a peach!

My wife and I feel blessed. Our son is happy, as a husband and as a father. Joe and Krissy are deeply in love and wonderful, devoted parents. Austin is a lucky little boy. And we, as his grandparents, are blessed and enriched by him. Life is good.