Saturday, December 17


Michelle Malkin provides the news information, as well as selected observations from immigration analysts in the know on the House immigration/border enforcement measure that passed 239-182 yesterday.

Polipundit quotes Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) at length on his view of the legislation.

Lonewacko put up a comprehensive post on the House bill and with updates. Do take a gander at those organizations in opposition. No surprises, but they represent the rogues' gallery. VDARE has a pre-vote post that provides good background on the bill.

Regrettably, the bill ignores the issue of "anchor babies" -- the granting of full citizenship rights to babies born of illegal immigrants. I posted on this matter yesterday and juxtaposed it with my ongoing condemnation of Roe v. Wade and abortion-on-demand.

A final comment: apart from the proposed erecting of fencing along sections of the contiguous border with Mexico contained in the referenced measure, do understand that current immigration laws on the books are not being enforced. They weren't enforced by the Clinton administration and, at least up until his recent epiphany, George W. Bush and his administration have shown a 5-year-long indifference to the issues of porous borders and 11 - 12 million illegal aliens afoot in our country, bleeding taxpayers dry. So I do not yet share in Michelle Malkin's optimism.

Legislators and the White House are belatedly responding to the hue and cry from a majority of Americans long since fed up with the immigration mess and the national security threat posed by de facto open borders. But enforcement more than new legislation is a key in the near term. The president could and should have put military on the border and used his powers via executive orders to remedy the lackluster enforcement that his presidency has been noted for. Americans shouldn't be impressed at this juncture by a Congress that is suddenly making a show out of immigration reform legislation. It's the Congress that needs reforming!