Saturday, December 17


Of all the blogs I subscribe to and read regularly, some of which I've developed an unabashed fondness for their authors born of their sincerity, friendship, willing e-mail exchanges, generous support of my blogging, and just plain good-heartedness, I must say that it is The Anchoress whose writing moves me most -- that unmistakable craft and those delicious turns of phrase. I find myself studying it and asking: How does she do that ... where does it come from ... why didn't I think of that?

Her popularity as a blogger comes as no mystery. She's topical, to be sure, but not resolutely so. Indeed, her range of subjects can be mind-boggling and whimsically unpredictable. And I like that about her. And, oh that Irish temper of hers when her blood's up about something!

But for me, it is her Catholicism and spiritual reach that touch me most. Reading The Anchoress is helping me to slowly but surely rediscover a faith that in my youth was abiding and meaningful.

You're likely aware if you're a fan of hers that she's recently undergone a lumpectomy and is both recovering from the procedure and awaiting the pathology report. I've sent her a personal e-mail wishing her well and advising her that she has been in my thoughts and prayers. But I just somehow feel compelled to express these sentiments publicly. Despite the mystery and anonymity of her blogging moniker, I feel I have come to know her through her inspired, entertaining, thought-provoking, humorous, soul-stirring, intelligent, masterful writing. And, as with anyone you feel a fondness for and kindred connection with, you hurt when they may be hurting and wish God's blessings to reign upon them.

So this is simply an acknowledgment that The Anchoress has impacted me in wonderful ways. And even when only a handful of days (or hours) have passed without a new post from her, I find myself missing her.

That's the wonder of the blogosphere and of what we do. Blogging is not only a new medium for writing, but a new medium for forming friendships and appreciating the outstanding work that so many individuals bring to such a wide array of subjects.

Godspeed, Anchoress!