Friday, December 16


The Dallas Morning News (free registration required for online edition) carries an editorial today on the issue of so-called "anchor babies" -- children born in this country to illegal immigrants -- and chides the U.S. House Committee on Rules for considering legislation to end the automatic citizenship granted such offspring.

In that editorial, the DMN's editorialist makes the following argument:

And by targeting anchor babies, we are shifting the immigration debate from "we have got to get a handle on the border" to "let's criminalize people already here through no fault of their own."

Now that's an interesting observation by a liberal MSM publication, don't you think? To wit: because babies have no control over what country they are born in (or who their parents are, for that matter), then why should their citizenship be denied them in the United States if they're born here to illegal immigrants from, say, Mexico?

Somehow I doubt the Dallas Morning News editorial board would permit a parallel argument be made in arguing against Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand; and, to be sure, even though one could argue convincingly that babies cannot control to whom they're born (say, as an example, to a pro-abortion, reproductive rights', NARAL-member kind of mom). Nor would that editorial board ever ask why the unborn are being legally aborted by the millions in this country "through no fault of their own?" It's certainly not a nascent, sentient human being's choice to be slaughtered in an abortion mill.

Isn't it just like the liberal, elite, mainstream media in this country to fret about the citizenship rights of babies being born to 11 - 12 million illegal aliens afoot in our land, rather than expressing outrage over 48.6 million dead fetuses on whom the United States Constitution conferred no rights to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness, according to a misguided, nihilistic, United States Supreme Court?

It is estimated that 500,000 anchor babies are born to illegal immigrants each year in the United States and each enjoys automatic U.S. citizenship. Meanwhile, about 850,000 abortions are being performed annually in the United States and the media largely looks the other way. Our federal government insists babies born to illegal border jumpers be granted full citizenship at birth, but that any American woman or underage female be permitted to undergo an abortion if she so chooses and without any concern for the rights of the unborn. We're killing unborn Americans and conferring America's citizenship on the offspring of foreigners here illegally.

What a country; what a government. Porous borders and abortion mills. Sadly, there is no Statue of Liberty for the human fetus in the United States of America.

FOLLOW-UP: This report pegs the annual number of anchor babies in the United States at 300,000. WorldNetDaily indicates in this article that the nnumber is between 300,000 and 350,000.